МИД Грузии назвал Daily Mail «желтой прессой»
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Georgian Foreign Ministry calls Daily Mail “yellow press”

Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Lasha Darsalia called the publication of the Daily Mail regarding the attack of Georgian hackers at British laboratories, developing a vaccine against coronavirus, a discredit of relations between Georgia and the UK.

“As for the information published in the British “yellow press“, we can definitely say that we are working with our British partners about these issues. At this stage, this is nothing more than an attempt to discredit this cooperation that we have established with our partners,” said the representative of the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

He recalled that in February Britain and the United States helped investigate cyber attacks on government institutions in Georgia, then Russia was traditionally accused. According to Darsalia, Georgia has a good relationship with the UK in the field of cybersecurity.

On May 10, the British newspaper Daily Mail published an article stating that hacker group from Georgia called “Maze” was involved in the theft of personal data of UK citizens involved in testing the vaccine against coronavirus. Group is associated with the special services of Russia and Iran.