Turkish Airlines планирует возобновить полёты в Грузию
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Turkish Airlines plans to resume flights to Georgia

Turkish Airlines plans to resume regular flights in June this year.

At the first stage, flights will begin in 19 countries, including Georgia.

The airline has already developed an internal flight schedule for June, July and August and will gradually return to international flights.

According to the three-month flight schedule, Turkish Airlines will fly to 22 destinations in 19 countries, including Georgia.

The list of countries: Canada, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus, Israel, Kuwait, Georgia and Lebanon with a weekly frequency of 75 flights.

It is assumed that the airline at the first stage of the resumption of flights will carry out 60% of domestic flights in all directions, and then expand the geography of flights in July and August.

Turkish Airlines stopped all domestic and international flights until May 28 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Georgia, regular air traffic was suspended for the period of emergency (until May 23). It is not yet known whether the government will extend the flight ban.