В Грузии до 45% выросли цены на продукты
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In Georgia, food prices rose to 45%

In April significant growth of the cost of food and medical services in Georgia was recorded by employees of the National Statistics Service (Sakstat).

The report says that fruit prices on average in the country amounted to 45.4% compared to the previous month. Cost of milk, cheese and eggs rose by 23.2%, sweets and sugar – by 16.9%, meat and meat products – by 15%, fish – by 14.9%, vegetables – 14.1%. Also, mineral water, juices, tea and coffee rose in price by 10%. The price of bakery products rose by 8.4%.

The total inflation rate in April in Georgia, according to Sakstat, was 6.9%.

To recall in Georgia due to the spread of the coronavirus, strict quarantine measures have been in effect since March 21. Enterprises were closed and tourism industry and related economic sectors are in crisis. Many residents of Georgia were left without work.