Госдепартамент США: Армения и Азербайджан нарушают Договор об обычных вооружениях в Европе
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US Department of State: Armenia and Azerbaijan violate Conventional Arms Treaty in Europe

According to the report of the US State Department, Armenia and Azerbaijan violate the Treaty on Conventional Arms in Europe.

The published report summarized the results of 2019. It covers violations committed by states around the world in the control of all types of weapons. The report reviews many countries, including China and Iran.

The conventional arms treaty in Europe forms part of the report. It is noted that Armenia expresses its full support for this agreement, in 2019 the total number of Armenian armoured vehicles, as before, exceeded the allowable limits established by the European Treaty on Conventional Arms Control.

As for Azerbaijan, the report does not indicate a specific type of arms, but it is noted that the total number of arms of Azerbaijan in 2019 continued to exceed the limits stipulated by the arms limitation treaty. In addition, during 2019 Azerbaijan did not notify about large-scale military exercises, which is one of the requirements of the Vienna Treaty.

The report notes that the failure by both Azerbaijan and Armenia of certain other obligations of the treaty is a concern.

The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) was signed in 1990 by NATO member states and member states of the Warsaw Treaty Organization.

The agreement sets quotas for conventional weapons, which the country is limited to.