Настоятель монастыря Кинцвиси задержан по обвинению в попытке убийства
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Kintsvisi Monastery Priest Detained for Assassination Attempt

The head of the Kintsvisi Monastery in Karelian District (East Georgia), Father David was detained on charges of attempted murder and illegal acquisition-possession-carrying of firearms. The police detained a 34-year-old clergyman in Kareli during operational investigations.

“The investigation found that the accused near the village of Rieti, Gori region, allegedly opened fire from an automatic firearm on the car driven by the victim, and then disappeared from the scene,” the message on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says.

The detainee faces 7 to 15 years in prison. It has been reported that Father David fired from an automatic firearm at the car in which Archimandrite Saba Zhgenti was sitting. After that, the suspect fled the scene.

Father David Akiashvili is the adopted son of Metropolitan Iob (Akiashvili).