В Грузии пенсии начнут выплачивать раньше положенного срока - 27 апреля
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In Georgia, pensions will begin to be paid ahead of schedule

Pensions for people over 70 will begin to be paid ahead of schedule – April 27, the Liberty Bank press service said.

It is reported that the state allocated 100 million lari (approximately $ 31 million) for the program on advance payment of pensions as a measure to protect pensioners from infecting with coronavirus.

“Since receiving a pension at the bank is a potential threat to the spread of the virus, the opportunity to receive money will be provided to all pensioners following the schedule,” the bank’s press service said.

The date of receipt of money can be viewed on the website. The date when pensions will begin to be paid Liberty Bank promised to inform the other day.

It should be noted that April pensions in Georgia were issued in mid-March.