В Грузии мобилизованы 44 больницы для приема пациентов с коронавирусом
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44 hospitals have been mobilized in Georgia to receive patients with coronavirus

The Georgian government has approved a list of medical facilities that, if necessary, will be able to receive patients infected with the coronavirus. The decision is published on the website of the Legislative Herald of Georgia.

The list contains 44 hospitals, which are divided into three categories. In the first group are clinics that accept treatment for infected patients or are in full readiness.

  • Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital – Tbilisi, st. Kazbegi, 16.
    First University Clinic – Tbilisi, st. Gudamakari, 4.
    Clinic named after academician Alexander Bochorishvili – Tbilisi, st. Kazbegi, 16.
    Children’s Infectious Clinical Hospital – Tbilisi, st. Chikovani, 14.
    New Vision University Hospital – Tbilisi, st. Ljubljana, 13.
    Academician Nikoloz Kipshidze Central University Hospital – Tbilisi, st. Vazha-Pshavela, 29.
    National Tuberculosis Center – Tbilisi, st. Adjara, 8.
    Tbilisi Maritime Hospital – Tbilisi, Varketili, IV micro-district.
    Sachkhere District Hospital – Sachkhere, ul. Gomarteli, 17.
    Center for Infectious Pathologies, AIDS and Tuberculosis of Western Georgia – Kutaisi (Imereti Region), ul. Chkhobadze, 20.
    Batumi branch of the Medalfa clinic – Batumi (Autonomous Republic of Adjara), turn Gogoli, 2.
    George Abramishvili Military Hospital – Gori (Shida Kartli region), 56 Chavchavadze Street.
    Rustavi Central Hospital – Rustavi (Kvemo Kartli), St. Nino 3.
    Zugdidi Infectious Diseases Hospital – Zugdidi, Onaria.
    The Central University Hospital of Academician Nikoloz Kipshidze is the village of Rukhi, (Samegrelo – Zemo Svaneti).

The second group is medical facilities, which, if necessary, will provide 800–1300 beds for infected patients in 48 hours.

  • Batumi Republican Clinical Hospital – Batumi (Autonomous Republic of Adjara), ul. Tbel Abuseradze, 2.
    Clinic “Bomond” – Kutaisi (Imereti region), 163 Gamsakhurdia avenue.
    Medical centre in the city of Mtskheta –Mtskheta, ul. Samhedro, 20.
    Kutaisi Referral Hospital (“Evex”) – Kutaisi (Imereti Region), ul. Otskheli, 2.
    German Hospital in Tbilisi – Tbilisi, Cosmonaut Embankment, 45a.
    “Gerarsi” Clinic – Tbilisi, 2a Mukhiani Street.
    Trauma Hospital – Tbilisi, st. Ljubljana, 21.
    Clinic named after Archangel Michael – Tbilisi, st. Ljubljana, 21.
    Medical Center under the Georgian Patriarchate – Tbilisi, 95 Gorgasali Street.
    Clinic Karaps Medline (Evex) – Tbilisi, 234 Aghmashenebeli Alley.
    Vivamedi Clinic – Tbilisi, 234 Agmashenebeli Alley.
    Sachkhere District Hospital – Sachkhere (Imereti Region), 101 Gomarteli Street.
    Bokeria Referral Hospital – Tbilisi, st. Kindzmarauli, 1.
    First Medical Center – Tbilisi, st. Dadiani, 255.

The third group is medical facilities where patients with high fever and other characteristic symptoms will be admitted. In case of diagnosis of coronavirus, patients of these clinics will be transferred to nearby hospitals from the first two categories.

  • Regional Center for Infectious Pathologies, AIDS and Tuberculosis – Batumi (Autonomous Republic of Adjara), ul. Katamadze11 and st. Tabukashvili, 17.
    “Med Emergence” – Batumi (Autonomous Republic of Adjara), 102b Melikishvili Street.
    Chkhobadze Regional Health Center – Kutaisi (Imereti region), ul. Chkhobadze, 20.
    Poti Hospital – Poti (Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region), ul. Gurian, 171.
    Archimedes Clinic – Senaki (Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region), Rustaveli Street, 110.
    Clinic “Gormedi” – Kareli (Shida Kartli region), Bebnisi village.
    Bolnisi Central Clinic – Bolnisi (Kvemo Kartli region), ul. David Agmashenebeli, 25.
    Rustavi Children’s Hospital – Rustavi (Kvemo Kartli region), st. Saint Nino, 5.
    “Geo Hospitals” – the city of Marneuli (Kvemo Kartli region), on the territory of the former military camp.
    Akhaltsikhe clinic “Imedi” – Akhaltsikhe (Samtskhe-Javakheti region), Akhalkalaki intersection, deadlock No. 3.
    Abastumani Lung Treatment Center – Abastumani (Samtskhe-Javakheti Region), Adygen District, ul. Paliashvili, 37.
    Telavi District Hospital – Telavi (Kakheti region), ul. Aladashvili, 2.
    Clinic “Archimede” – Lagodekhi (Kakheti region), ul. April 9th.
    “Geo Hospitals” – Sagarejo (Kakheti region), 13 Kakheti highway.
    Regional Health Center – Oni (Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo-Svaneti region), Vakhtanga IV, 10.

The listed hospitals will use temporary licenses and permits for medical activities, which will be valid until the end of the emergency state.

Services provided in medical facilities include initial diagnosis of high-risk patients and the management of confirmed cases of coronavirus.