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Today the Holy Fire descended in Jerusalem

Today, April 18, the Holy Fire descended in Jerusalem.

The fire symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is believed that the first witness of fire was the apostle Peter. Learning about the resurrection of Jesus, he went to his tomb and saw the light in the place where the body of Christ laid before.

In 1810, a chapel was erected over the Holy Sepulcher, in which the descent of the fire takes place.

The Sabbath service at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher symbolically symbolizes the Passion, Burial and Resurrection of Christ. The order of the descent of the Holy Fire is personally performed by the Jerusalem Patriarch. Then Christians spread fire with candles and special lamps all over the world.

This year the descent of the Holy Fire due to the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 took place without pilgrims and with a limited number of participants. Only 10 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony takes place every year with the same established rules.