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Georgian government will pay citizens who remained unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic

The Georgian government will pay 150 GEL ( 47 USD) to citizens of the country who became unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic for six months, the International Monetary Fund said.

The document provides data on 193 countries of the world, which describes measures to stop the impact of the pandemic on their economic situation.

Payments will be provided for those citizens who paid income tax and were left without work. Subsidies will also be given to those companies that were able to retain employees.

The Foundation’s publication said that on April 1, Georgian government announced an allocation of a package for two billion lari (more than 633 million lari). This was after the authorities announced on March 13 that they had allocated a package for one billion lari (about 317 million lari).

The initial package contains a suspension of tax payments for representatives of tourism sector until November 2020, subsidizing small and medium-sized hotels, an increase in loan guarantee scheme, acceleration of VAT refunds and increase in capital costs.

The government will also subsidize the import of nine basic products, including flour, rice, milk powder, butter, and create a stock of these products for 50 million lari (more than $ 15.8 million).

In addition, the government will finance the payment of tariffs for electricity and natural gas.

The assistance will extend to consumers who consume less than 200 kilowatts of electricity per month and less than 200 cubic meters of natural gas. This includes bills for both cleaning and water.