Спикер парламента Грузии не исключает, что с мая можно будет поэтапно снимать ограничения
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Speaker of Georgian Parliament says that restrictions may be dropped in May

If all the conditions and recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus are met, the Georgian parliament chairman does not exclude the chance that from May it will be possible to remove the restrictions step by step.

As Archil Talakvadze said before the start of the parliamentary meeting, state and government are doing everything possible to protect the health of their citizens, which is the number one priority for the government today.

The second task is to stabilize the economy, as well as prepare a plan for its recovery in the post-pandemic period.

“The second important task is to stabilize our economy and prepare an effective plan for its recovery, which we are working intensively on. In the post-crisis period, the government will develop and present a package of specific economic interventions,” Talakvadze said.

The Speaker of Parliament also noted the fact that Georgia has become a model for many countries in the fight against coronavirus.

“All measures were taken in a timely and effective manner, but I would like to tell my fellow citizens that the fact that Georgia was able to effectively manage the first stage is not a guarantee that the next stage of the spread will be easy. We must continue to follow all recommendations,” said Talakvadze.

According to the speaker, the more citizens follow the rules and recommendations, the sooner everything will return to its regular pace, to the life that was before the coronavirus pandemic.