Украинская полиция оштрафовала священнослужителей за скопление людей в храмах
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Ukrainian police fined clerics for crowding in temples

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that police fined clergy, who allowed crowds in churches. Avakov wrote about this on Twitter.

“Irresponsibility and disrespect for human health have nothing to do with God! Police imposed administrative fines to Churchmen in 3 cases, 12 more are being studied. We have a conscience”, wrote the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The Georgian Orthodox Church is not planning to cancel services on the eve of Easter holidays. The Georgian Patriarchate believes that measures taken earlier will be enough to exclude the risk of the spread of coronavirus during worship.

The Russian Orthodox Church did not close churches on Palm Sunday and Easter.

The synod of the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece decided to postpone the solemn celebration of Easter. According to the decree of the Synod, from April 18 to 19, Easter service will be performed but with the doors of all churches closed. The solemn celebration was postponed to the 39th day of the Easter celebration – on the day of the Passover when the quarantine period is supposed to end.