Турция требует от Китая объяснить надпись на коробках с медикаментами, отправленных в Армению
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Turkey demands from China to explain the writing on the boxes with medicines sent to Armenia

Turkey is demanding from the Chinese authorities an official explanation of the writing on the boxes of humanitarian aid sent to Armenia. The writing mentions Mount Ararat, located on the territory of modern Turkey, Radio “Azatutyun” reports.

As part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, China sent a large shipment of medicines to Armenia, writing the following on the box: “May our friendship be higher than Mount Ararat and longer than the Yangtze River.”

The reason for the anger of official Ankara was the mentioning of Mount Ararat, which the Turkish side calls Agri. According to the Turkish state news agency “Anadol”, the country’s diplomatic service contacted the Chinese ambassador in Ankara and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “find out the reason for the writing on the boxes.”

Mount Ararat is considered one of the symbols of Armenia and is depicted on the national emblem of the country.