В Грузии утвержден новый алгоритм тестирования на COVID-19
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Georgia approved new testing algorithm for COVID-19

The Ministry of Health of Georgia has approved a new testing algorithm for COVID-19 for various groups.

According to the new algorithm, convicts held in penitentiary institutions, ones living in round-the-clock nursing homes, patients in stationary psychiatric institutions, employees of the Defense Forces, clergy, people in monasteries will be tested.

According to the document, screening for antibodies and quick tests will be used for certain individuals, including people without symptoms, located in crowded places.

“If a person from a group has an infection, they will be considered as possible contacts and will receive instruction on self-isolation. They should also have nasopharyngeal swabs taken for antigen or PCR testing. If the test result is negative, in case of symptoms, retesting is carried out,” the document says.

Also, quick testing will be performed for the high-risk contingent. “This category includes people who are in isolation and are in close contact with infected, are in quarantine spaces provided by the state, are in close contact with a confirmed case, and who developed clinical symptoms during 14 days of isolation (quarantine).

“According to the new testing algorithm, tests will also be available for doctors, journalists, service workers, who are also at high risk.” – said the director of the Republican Hospital Levan Gopodze.