Около одной тысячи граждан отказались от правительственной помощи по оплате коммунальных услуг
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About one thousand citizens refused government assistance with utility bill payment

About one thousand citizens refused government assistance regarding utility bill payment for three months, said David Narmania, head of the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission.

The outbreak of coronavirus had a major impact on the Georgian economy. Residents of the country faced serious financial losses. To help citizens, the Georgian authorities decided to finance the payment of utility bills from the state budget for March, April and May.

The assistance will be available to consumers who consume less than 200 kilowatts of electricity per month and less than 200 cubic meters of gas. This includes bills for both cleaning and water.

“Already up to a thousand citizens have refused help with bills. They showed social responsibility and decided to reject state support, based on not needing it. As a result, this amount will be conserved and citizens will pay for utilities themselves”, Narmania told reporters.

Due to the high appeal to the commission by citizens who refused utility benefits, GNERC decided to develop a special platform, which is located on the their web page.