Президент Турции выразил готовность оказать медицинскую помощь Армении в борьбе с коронавирусом
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Turkish President is ready to provide medical assistance to Armenia in the fight against coronavirus

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is ready to provide medical assistance to Armenia in the fight against the pandemic of coronavirus, as well as to facilitate the departure of Armenian citizens wishing to return to their homeland from Turkey. Erdogan spoke about this during a telephone conversation with the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople, Archbishop Sahak Mashalyan, according to the official website of the Patriarchate.

According to the report, the Turkish president also thanked the Patriarchate and Armenian foundations for participating in the fundraising campaign to overcome the coronavirus epidemic. Earlier, the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Union of Armenian Foundations donated a total of 600 thousand Turkish liras (about 88 thousand US dollars) for the purpose.

Erdogan was also reportedly asked about the needs of the Armenian community. The Turkish leader also had a telephone conversation with Petros Shirinoglu, who is the chairman of the board of trustees of the Armenian Hospital of the Holy Savior, which has become an epidemiological medical institution.

A few hours before the talks between the President of Turkey and the leaders of the Armenian community, three buses with 66 Armenian citizens left Istanbul bus station in direction of Armenia.

Gagik Musheghyan, who initiated the return of compatriots to his homeland, told Radio Azatutyun that the transportation of Armenian citizens was made possible thanks to the support of the Armenian authorities. Transportation costs were paid by the Armenian side.

Musheghyan noted that if necessary, it is possible to organize more flights for transporting Armenian citizens to their homeland.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on what kind of medical assistance is Turkey ready to give to Armenia, with which has not had diplomatic relations for many years.

Shortly, the Armenian Foreign Ministry will make a statement on the return of Armenian citizens from Turkey to their homeland.