Власти Грузии закупят 200 тысяч экспресс-тестов на коронавирус
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Georgia will purchase 200 thousand rapid tests for coronavirus

Georgian authorities plan to purchase 200,000 rapid tests for coronavirus, says Georgian Health Minister Ekaterine Tsikaradze. By this time, the total number of tests in Georgia reaches 80 thousand.

She noted that this will happen after the National Center for Disease Control confirms their safety and high reliability.

“As for the rapid tests that our citizens are waiting for, they require fairly careful use and more control. Therefore, we will use these tests only in rare cases. At the moment there are 2 thousand of them in the country, another 52 thousand are on the way, ” the minister said.

Four thousand tests for antibodies have already been delivered to Georgia and another 20 thousand tests on the way.