В Армении запустили новое мобильное приложение против короновируса
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Armenia has launched mobile application against coronavirus

An App called “COVID-19 Armenia” has been launched. It represents a test which after completion calculates the risk of infection with the disease.
The mobile application has been developed by Armenian specialists.

The app gives you questions and after a test has been completed system rates user’s state of health and gives appropriate recommendations based on answers given. Epidemiologists will contact citizens whose rating shows that they are at risk and will decide if they need treatment.

“COVID-19 Armenia” is a multifunctional application that will contain the latest information on the actions of the authorities regarding combat with the pandemic. Also, it will include recommendations on how to avoid infection, statistics on coronavirus and other useful information.

As Sputnik-Armenia reported earlier, the manufacturer of Armenian tablets and smartphones, Technology and Science Dynamics (TSD), is launching the first ArmPhone smartphone models.

TSD presented five different models that will differ in hardware specification: ArmPhone 0502, ArmPhone 0505, ArmPhone 0508, ArmPhone 0509 and ArmPhone 0520. Models will have up to 32 gigabytes of internal memory, run on Android 5.1 or Android 6.0 operating system and will be equipped with fingerprint sensors with 4G.

Manufacturers note that in the comparison with other branded smartphones, Armenian smartphones are made to be affordable – The price will range from 50 thousand drams (104 dollars) to 150 thousand (315 dollars).